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Botanical tree

Botanical tree
 SKH Sourav Haldar

 You are the big tree,
 You're in the middle of the ground
 Swirling breeze swings the air
 After being transported to the ground.
 Soil subsurface,
 Changes are made to BitPay.

 Crunchy leaves,
 Space is at the epicenter
 Different properties are yours
 The leaves of the bot are alternate
 The ovary is smooth and bright.

 The turban is yellow in the butt,
 Then the leaf basket falls
 Spring, when autumn comes.
 Otherwise, the leaves will grow.
 Instead of three seasons,
 The fruit is ripe at any moment.
 Summer, Monsoon, Winter
 That's his name.

 Multiplication is yours
 Live for eternity
 Five to six hundred years.
 That is your lifetime,
 The tree is your name
 You live for many years, living forever.

 SKH Sourav Haldar
 Shobhana, Dumuria, Khulna