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Skh Sourav Haldar, who told the Indian newspaper Bangla Express

SKH Sourav Haldar talks with the editor of the Indian magazine-Bangla Express at Khurnia Bazar in Khulna Division, Bangladesh.I feel very satisfied with the discussion with him.I made a meeting with the editor of Bangla Express to publish poetry in Bangla Express from March 2019.
I would very gladly say that the editor of Bangla Express is a very good man and I am very pleased with him and he is a real human lover.

I want the Bangla Express to go further and spread it among the people in Bangla Upper Bengal.After talking to him I feel very blessed.This is what I want Bangla Express, a big magazine in India and Bangladesh, to come.Finally, all I can say is that Raju Da, editor of the Bangla Express, wishes me a lot.