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Skh Sourav halder

Skh sourav halder is a bangladeshi younger poet and writer.was born on 02 February 2002 in the metropolis city Khulna, Bangladesh, usually write about no fancation and Fiction. He had a hobby of writing from his childhood.
Skh sourav halder
Skh Sourav halder.jpeg
Skh sourav halder on 2019
Sourav Halder

February 6, 2002 (age 17)
Years active2018-pregent

Early lifeEdit

The name SKH Sourav Haldar every moment of life is harder than a single point ear.Because of the moments of hardship in his life, he composed poetry.He is not only a poet of Bangladesh but he is also a poet of Upper Bengal.He says he has gained popularity by publishing poems in four newspapers in India.Not only is he limited to writing poetry, he is also a writer but he also has a talent in writing stories.In his life this poem began in secondary education.He then began to compose poems slowly and later in story-novels.His first poem was published in the Khulna Divisional newspaper daily Khulna Region.He is currently a popular poet, he likes to write mostly social and romantic poems.He may have written more poems, as well as some stories, among them the notable end address.[1][2]

Personal lifeEdit

Skh sourav halder his fellow Domuria college student Latifa Kohinoor on 1 june 2019.They lived in Scotland for a year before they returned to khulna.


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