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 Skh Sourav Haldar

 The country that has been under control for some time
 Has ruled
 For many years to many years,
 Born thousands of years later
 At the base of this Bengal, a Bengali
 Bangladesh is independent for him.
 The father of Bengal is a friend of the people

 Bangabandhu of the soil of Bengal
 Leadership of thirty million people
 Bangabandhu, son of Bengal
 So I understand today in history
 Bangladesh wrote the name.
 Amar you haven't forgotten today
 You have that picture
 Wandering inside the mind
 The echo of Bangabandhu.
 Raise your hand to the sky

 You gave me a call
 The target people responded
 The shake of the land of God.
 O Bangabandhu, His Majesty of Bengal
 Has been for you
 Bangladesh is independent.