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Skh Sourav Halder

Skh Sourav halder is a bangladeshi youth poet and writer.was born on 02 February 2002 in the metropolis city Khulna, Bangladesh, usually write about no fancation and Fiction. He had a hobby of writing from his childhood.
Skh Sourav Halder
Sourav halder.jpg
Skh Sourav Halder as on 27 August 2019
Personal details
Born02 February 2002
Height5.8 ft (177 cm)
Spouse(s)in married
MotherMongu Rani Halder
FatherRabin Halder
RelativesAnup Halder
Residenceshovna , DomuriaKhulna
Educationshovna birajmoye high school(2013-2018), Dumuria college (2019-pregent)
Alma materUniversity of khulna
Known forBangladesh Writer
Awardscollege Literary periodicals

Early lifeEdit

The name Sourav Haldar every moment of life is harder than a single point ear.Because of the moments of hardship in his life, he composed poetry.He is not only a poet of Bangladesh but he is also a poet of Upper Bengal.He says he has gained popularity by publishing poems in four newspapers in India.Not only is he limited to writing poetry, he is also a writer but he also has a talent in writing stories.In his life this poem began in secondary education.He then began to compose poems slowly and later in story-novels.His first poem was published in the Khulna Divisional newspaper daily Khulna Region.He is currently a popular poet, he likes to write mostly social and romantic poems.He may have written more poems, as well as some stories, among them the notable end address.[1][2]

In his early life as a writerEdit

He is the son of a middle-class family in Khulna district of Bangladesh. Later, he earned the reputation of Khulna district for this poem, O Naveen Dal, through the daily Khulna Region newspaper and then through the News Khulna newspaper, he earned a reputation in one Khulna district and later in Khulna, Rangpur and several districts. At present, he has achieved a great reputation for poetry in Upper Bengal.

Type of writingEdit

He is one of the most talked about literature in Khulna district of Bangladesh. He is not only limited to literary works but he is a novelist and poet. From the beginning of his writing life, he wrote romantic love stories, poems and stories from there. Through romantic love stories, he writes and writes philosophical and travel stories about Birah. He has earned a reputation for writing in various districts of Bangladesh


Notable poetryEdit

1.Botanical tree
2.The last chapter of life
6.toba asba jadin
7.kobi o kobitar param
8.Rong celo buje
9.jibonar colar pota
10.jormo hoyacelo tai
11.ha nobin dol
13.ak polok valobasa
15.noyoan at valobasa
16.kosta vora mon
17.akusar gan
18.tome Amar kobitar sregonai
21.sohad minar
22.tome amar
24.a life
25.sai calati
26.college campus
29.ha grogon
30.honubob bane
31.phohala boishak
32.tomar ar dakbo na
33.o bicoreni pram at kota
34.tome kokon acaila
35.kota celo daka hoba
36.dakacelam protom
38.nil akas are maja
39.ai bristy vaga rata
41.majar pota
42.a kamon valobasa
42.jibonar ses aodai

Notable WorkEdit

One of the most popular books inside his famous book is Dishi Bindu, which is written in Bangla and he has translated and published this book on various English sites. He has gained popularity for this book.
  • Dew drops(2019)[3]
  • End address(2019)[4]
  • Intersection of intersections(2015)[5]
  • Bunch poetry(2018)

External siteEdit