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What Sourav said about Narendra Modi

Sourav Haldar wrote a poem about Narendra Modi thinking of his mind, when he published a poem stored in his heart with Narendra Modi and said that this poem is a love of Narendra Modi and a thought from Narendra Modi's Indian state.  She added that poetry is something that cannot make a person rhyme.  But any poem can be composed by a person. So poetry comes from the same attitude and from the one who loves and from that love, poetry is published from inside the mind. That is why I have written this poem in love with Modi.  Can't say clearly. Now, as far as I know and what I have experience, I am telling you if it is a mistake.  Look at forgiveness.


Narendra Modi
 SKH Sourav Haldar

 Creator of instantaneous fascination
 The sweet form is appealing
 O Narendra Modi.
 Raj is ruling the kingdom
 Blends in with the truth
 Not true
 People who have worked in this life
 Who blocked them.

 Love for the country
 In the service of the public
  You have bonded yourself
 He is next to the man,
 Wanted to stay for a lifetime.

 In the person of man-made qualities
 Happiness is the joy of suffering and happiness
 Wanted to stay in the community.

 Hey Mr. Narendra,
      This is your return to the bar
 Thank you.
 Want to get a king like you
 In one life
 Every man becomes inactive
 At sunrise everyday
 Looking forward to it
 Millions of people,
 For a single point of light.