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You are mine

You are mine
          SKH Sourav Haldar

 A religious guy ....
                You think of my poetry
 A fantasy scene in the heart
               Sweet afternoon spring breeze,
 You covered my morning well
               A dim light of light.
 You are playing my zoo poke
    The address of happiness and the song of birrah,
         One of the blue skies of the blue sky
 It is as if a random glowing red color.

      You call my spring day musical instruments, and kuku kuhu kuhu
         Flower garden in Hawaii, Hawaii
         Dola rose petals, the image of the mind painted on the heart.
                You are the princess of my dream of sleeping at night
 It's like playing your dance moves in a dream,
                    The Rupsi princess looking to one side.
 You are the fiction of my developed imagination,
              Poems written by Rabindranath
 You love deep in my heart.