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Fly away story

Fly away
                       SKH Sourav Haldar

 I am sitting on the banks of the Howrah river.  The sound of the river's water is buzzing.  The wind is blowing from the south.  The melody of this river is a story about the sound of the stream and sitting in the natural air.  I do not know how beautiful the story is but the story is mysterious and delightful.

 First of the story I told I was sitting on the river Howrah.  Seeing my presence, he came to my side and told me about the floor of Rupsa
 -Babu, you see, our village
 -I live there.
 I then said "seen"

 And me
   Shaun Chowdhury  Chowdhury is the son of Babu's younger son
  Yes i know you  Chowdhury's family does not know who.  You went abroad to study.
 -What is that!
 However, we have nothing to look forward to as Chowdhury. I think everyone is a vessel of love to everyone, where everyone has the right to love together.

 Hmm, but everyone else will understand you
 I don't really understand that much of a good person.

 In this way, to talk with Manzil, I saw the collar on his shoulders with his face covered again.  The eyes went a little farther for Nupur's clanging sound.

 I asked
 Manzil who is the daughter of Rupsi?

 Manzil said he was a great story.  What is the poor girl's fault.  She is now a lucky girl.
 -Can floor with what happened.
 What was said cannot be said or understood in the face. It is very sad.  Little baby, when you want to hear what happened?

 A few months ago,
 This girl's name is Uriah.  After her mother died as a child, her father married another.  Then his stepmother tortured him physically and mentally.  How often can a little girl work?  He never ate or never worked all day and never ate again. His father could not say anything more to his mother's torture.  No one can protest.  The girl never found peace in this life.  Maybe it was written in his fate.  For him to be this way.

 Manzil approached me and whispered. Son of Gram Panchayat, yes Go village Panchayat's son was with Uriah.

 But the boy was fine with his words, black-eyed two-eyed mani to see Rajputsura Yes Go Rajputu
 The boy's name was fly.  A story of their love, maybe this incident everyone knows you didn't know because you were abroad, but hear what happened.

 Oh, no one else said the boy was Muslim, you know, and the girl was a Hindu.  But to them the religion was not big.  The real religion was love.  By which this world can be changed.  For which to be humiliated man and sometimes to die man.  Just for a little love

 - Then what happened to the floor?
 Then the boy and the girl do not have that temple. The big temple, the banyan tree behind the temple. The bot loved hiding behind the tree, loved it.

 However, one day a son of a panchayat saw. Someone secretly informed the panchayat K.R The panchayat brought the villagers and people.

 Appeared behind that botch.  Then he slandered the girl differently and left to take her home without any fault of the boy.  At that time the boy said, 'Abba,
 - It's not his fault.  I love him so I can die for him. What's wrong with Valobasa?
 I didn't steal, I didn't steal.  I have not done any reproach on anyone's name. I just love it a little, this is my fault.
 Panchayat said
 - You shut up.
 What do you mean by love?
 This is what younger people do at this age.
 However, so far!
 I did not understand before and he is a Hindu.  Do we respect the value of our clan for this? It cannot be.
 - Impossible!

 Udaan shouted, "Abba, it is written in a religion that people of one religion cannot love another religion, no religion is written that love of one is a crime."
 Religion!  Religion! Religion
 This religion binds people to an unlimited boundary.  But no one adheres to religion.  If religion were to be obeyed, murder, harassment, good - people were not bad people in this world.  Only love can lead people to the path of religion. A bad person can be good, only through love.  And if I am guilty of this, I will fire.
 Shut up  Shut up
 I did not listen to any Bengali cinema dialogues here. If you understand so much, what can you tell the world if you love.
 Father .........
 Shut up  Quite quiet!
 I don't want to hear another word from your mouth.

 Haradhan your daughter should be ashamed.  The scandal of this society. Let them be burned. Also a society's insect, poisonous pest.
 When it is sown, it will burn like fire.
 The water in the fly's eyes did not stop as if every drop of his blood was burning a little like a fire.

 The society, the panchayat, the villagers, and what do they mean by love, they were just blaming, the boy and the girls. I was very sad to see that.  I am a very happy person but I can appreciate the love of humanity.  I could not protest because of the poor people.  This burden should be very painful to me, little babe becomes very painful inside the mind.

 Then he took the boy to the panchayat. And he took the girl to drag him and his honest mother.  You can't leave with your mother.

 One, two, three, thus, a screaming noise was heard in the Panchayat house after five hours.  The environment became a hot commotion.
 When I heard it, I ran and saw that it had caught fire.  And screaming. He is screaming even before he dies
  "Fly i love you"
 "Fly i love you"
 Just you

 People were shocked to see this.  The water is pouring over the ground.  But the burned people, who do not need to put out the fire, are still splashing water.  Later, a skeleton lay on the ground.  Upon receiving this news, Oriya fled home, but after that he was not allowed to come to Uran.  Not allowed to touch.  From a distance, he started screaming and crying.

 The blood was flying over the grass on a red alta foot, but he had to die and die again.  Now there is a man who has been burning all this bad blood flesh.
 True man does not know how to give the word to a man. If the world were to be split in two, they might have been inhuman.  If they are in them, life can never cross happiness.  But as the flaming fire never stops, the water falling from the shower never stops and this is how love begins and ends. This is the reality of those who have loved to change the world with love.  Very sad love to fly.