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SKH Sourav Haldar says about Indian writer Ramesh Kumar P

My dear friend and older brother Rames Kumar p.He is an Indian writer.It is said very little about him.I am very happy to speak with whom I will live for a long time and express my sincere fascination.I remember Sourav Haldar with great respect to my older brother as I met him very early on in South India.Although I have come to know him through the internet, he has helped me in many ways on the Internet, so I am grateful to him.I was very happy to meet you, but through this social networking and WhatsApp communication I was happy to talk to him once and chat regularly..Someone who spoke at one time called my name hey Sourav.This sentence touched my heart.That's why I like him so much he's not just my older brother he's a dear friend of mine.

Ramesh Kumar P
Umarlai Khalsa,
Barmer, Rajasthan,
India - 344 027.

Skh Sourav halder
Shovna - 9250

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